Shooting in Old San Juan

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I had the great fortune of shooting in San Juan, Puerto Rico, this week.  One of the big bonuses was being able to finally shoot images of my longtime friend Ivan Melendez in the historical site of Castillo San Felipe Del Morro, in Old San Juan.  It’s always a bonus to be able to shoot pictures in an old historical fort.  “El Morro” took 250 years and 10 generations to complete.  The cracked walls and faded rocks add an element to the pictures that give it a gravitas that you rarely find in a world of 7-11’s and Dollar Stores…


Add to that the blessing of having a very photogenic model who knows how to dress well…


After leaving the fort, there were plenty of opportunities for “documentary style” street shooting, including this young boy who decided to feed the pigeons, and got a little more than he bargained for!


What street walk would be complete without the local musicians, who make up lyrics as they go along addressing the people passing by?  In this case, they sang a song about Ivan and our fellow travelers Sandra and Diane.  They were all wearing orange, so the the musicians sang “Orange, you are so orange” to the sounds of a pair of acoustic guitars.  They also sang “Yes, you can take a picture”…


Life is fun.  Especially when shared with friends…

To see more images from the photoshoot, go to:

For more information on the  ‘El Morro’ fort, check out the link below.  It’s part of the U.S. National Park Service:

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New Album “Selfish” by Jelloyd

Hey there!

Atlanta based artist Jelloyd released his new EP “Selfish” last week!  You can listen and download to PC for free here at

It’s a great album and I urge you to check it out!

I had the pleasure of shooting Jelloyd’s EP cover last year.  Just to be clear, I shot images of Jelloyd and a digital artist dropped in the background and graphics.  Here’s what I shot:

JeLloyd Project no reflect local high contrast

The trick to this was shooting Jelloyd on a simple, solid background.  This way, anything that he wanted could be dropped into the background.  Normally, blue or green (think “green screen” from the movies) would be ideal, but I had white so that’s what I used.  The light setup was relatively simple:  Two strobes lighting the background and two strobes with umbrellas for light diffusion in front of Jelloyd.  Here’s the setup:


(setups PSD courtesy

After a little photoshop work, (removing reflections in the sunglasses, taking out lint, etc), the image was ready to go.  Here’s the final version after Jelloyd’s cover team got finished:

576575_434876286599753_997237805_n (1)

Jelloyd is a supremely talented artist, and it was a pleasure to spend an afternoon on a  photoshoot with him.  For more images from the shoot, check out the link below.

Jelloyd BW

Check out Jelloyd’s YouTube channel here:

Until next time, see you out there…