Shooting in Savannah, GA

Shooting in Savannah, GA is an absolute blast.  Many people have differing opinions on which city is more beautiful, Charleston, SC or Savannah.  I’m not 100% decided on that question, but I can tell you that the history and layout of Savannah makes it a great city to walk around and explore with a camera.  During Sherman’s March at the peak of the Civil War, the General refused to burn Savannah down.  As a result, many of it’s original buildings are still intact.


Savannah is the only city in the South that was planned, so it’s central, oldest area is on a grid, with squares and fountains galore. A trolly runs along the riverfront, which is crowded with eclectic shops, restaurants and bars.  The mixture of old architecture, Spanish moss (more on that later) and quirky characters makes Savannah totally unique.

trolley final

I have found that the best time to go to Savannah is in the Spring or Fall.  The summers can be sweltering.  You should consider, however, going on Saint Patrick’s Day weekend of you’re looking for a good party and a huge parade!

Here are some helpful links to plan your next trip to Savannah:

For information on the Spanish Moss, which is neither Spanish nor Moss:

And the local visitor’s guide:

Happy Travels!


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